Poetry Evening Celebrates Abai Kunanbai

April 6, 2016 - 6:30pm
Learning Services Building, #107

“Words of Wisdom - Mind of a Nation”

Abai Kunanbai (1845-1904) was a master of words, and those words resonate with the people of Kazakhstan. For students who are interested in culture and global issues, reading and sharing poetry and proverbs from Kazakhstan's most prized intellectual and leader is a direct avenue to understanding and connecting with the country itself. Instructor Dotton and her class, “The Other Kazakhstan” continue to bring University of Arizona students to a greater comprehension of the world importance of Kazakhstan while also giving them a taste of fascinating Kazakh traditions and culture.

However, the 170th anniversary of Abai Kunanbai's birth comes with the opportunity to go one step further. Poetry night with Words of Wisdom of Abai with the Nazarbayev University students over Skype will connect students in Arizona to Kazakh students directly; there will be open discussion about what the words of Abai mean from an American perspective as well as from Kazakh students that have lived their lives surrounded by Abai’s words and fame. This event will provide an amazing experience for two separate and different cultures to have a conversation about their different expectations and realizations of the words of Abai on this important day in Kazakhstan.

Light refreshments will be served.