Tutors & Translations


The following individuals have contacted the Russian Department and identified themselves as tutors.  In most cases, their experience in the language has not been verified by the department.  Most tutors require compensation, we recommend that you establish the cost and terms of service before tutoring begins.  Please contact the department if any names and numbers are no longer valid.

Translation Certification

The Russian Department will not translate your documents. There are professional agencies that will translate and certify your documents for a fee. We recommend Rosetta Stone Translations(520) 575-9200 or you can also find certified translators (and interpreters) at the American Translation Association website www.atanet.org

We will review and certify your translated documents for acceptance at the University of Arizona.

  • Allow at least one week for processing.
  • $20 per document (Cash Only.) Price may increase for large, detailed documents and rushed orders.

To prepare your documents for certification:

  1. Include a copy of the original with the translation.
  2. Make sure that every aspect of the original is translated literally. For example, be sure no course titles have been changed or letter grades assigned in the place of numeric grades.
  3. If possible, include an electronic version of the translation, either on disk or emailed to the below address.
  4. Prepared documents can be dropped off at the Russian Department with your contact information during our office hours.  

For questions regarding document certification, please contact the department, 621-7341.