Language Placement Exam

Proficiency Testing

Russian proficiency testing during the semester

Proctored tests are offered every second Friday. To sign up for a proctored test, students will need to go to Humanities Advising: Language Proficiency Exam to sign up no sooner than the Monday before the Friday test. Proctored tests place the result on the students' transcripts (e.g. 2nd semster proficiency,etc etc).  Students are charged $20 for the proctored test.

For assistance, contact Jeremiah Webb at COH Advising

Placement Testing

Russian placement testing at the start of the fall and spring semesters

Students in 101a/b and 201a/b who have had Russian in the past or are heritage learners MUST take the computerized language placement test during the first week of classes. Those dates and testing times will  be posted at the beginning of the semester. If they do not take the test, they will be administratively dropped from the course in whcih they have self-placed. During this testing period, students will take the test for placement only, will not be charged the $20 fee, and the results will not be reflected on the students' transcripts.