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Why I Chose Russian & Slavic Studies

When I began to study Russian, my life bloomed into full color.

Dana Vandersip | B.A. Russian Studies 1988
Vice-President of Development, Make-A-Wish Foundation

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Here you will find information about majoring or minoring in Russian, study abroad opportunities to Russia, faculty profiles, course descriptions, extra-curricular activities, and contact information. 

Choose Russian and Slavic Studies for the...

  • award winning teachers and advisors.
  • proficiency-based language program in Russian.
  • well-established Study Abroad programs to Russia and Kazakhstan.
  • excellence, we have the only graduate program in Russian in the regional Rocky Mountain corridor (Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana) and Wyoming and New Mexico.
  • diverse program in Russian literature, culture, linguistics, and language.
  • world-renowned scholars in Russian and Slavic language, literatures, cultures, and linguistics.

Degrees and programs available

  • Bachelor of Arts in Russian with two tracks: Language Intensive Track or Culture Intensive track.
  • Russian Minor
  • Master of Arts in Russian with two tracks: Language, Literature, and Linguistics (LLL) or Russian and East European Studies (REES)


Young woman playing the harp

Meet Katie

Katie is an informed performer who hopes to teach music one day. By learning Russian and understanding the culture behind the pieces she plays on her harp, she can express the music better.

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Recent News

Liudmila Klimanova
May 3, 2024
One professor in the Department of Russian & Slavic Studies has been promoted, demonstrating excellent performance in teaching, service and research.  Dr. Liudmila Klimanova is promoted from Assistant Professor to tenured Associate Professor…
Photo from the Conference
April 20, 2024
We extend our warmest congratulations to Daniela Gonzalez, Tom Poulsen, and Mason Maltbie, who successfully presented their research projects at the 2024 Arizona Undergraduate History Research Symposium, entitled "Prospecting the Past." This event…
RSSS Faculty and Clement Arhin
Jan. 8, 2024
Please join us in congratulating Clement Arhin who successfully defended his MA Thesis, entitled Cheating with ChatGPT: The Relationship between Learner Autonomy, Engagement with AI for Learning, and Russian (L2) Learners’ Attitudes towards ChatGPT…

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