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Tax-deductable donations can be made online through the UA Foundation.

You are our hope.

We have survived two decades of funding reductions yet we are thriving.  Students fill our undergraduate history, literature, and film courses and applications to our graduate program have almost doubled. We have the students but we need more teachers.  Your gift will help us take our place as the top Russian and Slavic Studies department in the nation.     

Opportunities to Give


A scholarship to a graduate or undergraduate student of even a few hundred dollars can give them the opportunity to travel or conferences to present their research and meet scholars from around the world.  Currently, we have the Romenesko Research Award which is given each fall to students participating the the University's Fall Student Showcase.  James Romensko created this scholarship after his graduation because he valued the experience of participating in the Student Showcase and credits it with the development of his thesis work.  You can contribute to this award or tailor your own scholarship to promote the educational experiences you value. 

Youth Programs

Camp SPUTNIK is a week-long summer camp that brings 7-10th graders on campus to explore all things Russian.  From language to folklore, history to popular culture, students will be shown life through Russian eyes.  You can sponsor a child to attend this camp and inspire them to dream globally. 

Community Events

Free public events are part of the mission of FORSS.  We want to enrich cultural experience of Tucsonans by sponsoring events that celebrate contemporary and classic Russian and Slavic culture.  By sponsoring an event, you give your community a chance to experience all that you love about Russian and Slavic culture.


Our goals include expanding our popular East European and Central Asian classes.  Currently, we offer two courses on the Balkan region and one course on Kazakhstan.  These are popular and cutting edge courses, with your help we can expand our offerings in these regions to include certificate programs benefiting undergraduates and graduates.  If there is a region that is important to you, consider sponsoring an adjunct faculty member to ensure that class is offered.

TRKI is the name of the Russian language proficiency test used in Russia to measure Russian speaking skills.  We have faculty certified to teach at this level and with your help, we can become one of the few institutions certified to administer this exam in the country. 


For 14 years, we offered the CIS and Eastern Europe Business Forum.  Although the forum was a success, it was discontinued after a reduction in our faculty.  We would like to resurrect the forum for doing business with the new Russia.  There is a community need for first-hand knowledge of Russian business practices.  With your help, we can use our expertise to help our local community reach out to that growing market. 

There are many more ways to give.

Please consider giving us a call (520) 621-7341 or sending Teresa Polowy an email.    
We are on our way towards being the best Russian and Slavic Studies department in the nation, 
with you on our side, it will happen. 


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