MA Student Learning Outcomes

At graduation, students will be able to:
  • Distinguish from each other in the context of Russian culture and history the major Russian literary movements of the 19th and 20th centuries by identifying in writing and discussion major authors, themes, genres, style, and values expressed in representative works. 
  • Achieve the proficiency of Level I Certificate (TORFL, Russian Ministry of Education), or "Advanced" (ACTFL) by standardized testing in speaking, writing, listening, reading, and grammar according to the proficiency measurements established by TORFL and ACTFL. 
  • Demonstrate, through written and oral discourse, an understanding of Russian literary and other original texts using knowledge of the language that is both linguistic and cultural and at TORFL Level I or ACTFL "Advanced" proficiency. 
  • Question, by engaging in oral and written discourse, how the larger context shapes individual expression in the past and present by actively reading critical/scholarly texts (e.g. question, disagree, debate, or integrate with prior knowledge). 

Department of Russian and Slavic Studies (revised 11/30/14).