Studying Kazakhstan

RSSS 195a Kazakhstan- Heart of Eurasia is a one-unit colloquium on Modern Kazakhstan - the ninth largest country in the world located at the crossroads of Europe and Central Asia. This great, yet largely unknown country, is home for more than 100 ethnicities, is ruled by feelings of understanding and harmony, has served for centuries as a bridge for Europe and Asia through the Great Silk Road. Today, Kazakhstan continues to be central in providing modern ideas to sustain peace, democracy, and economic growth in Global World. 

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In the first half of the course, we will explore extraordinary rich Kazakh history (influenced by legendary Chengiz Xan, Alexander the Great, Atilla the Hun), culture, music, traditions, customs, clothing, yurts, and food- capped by celebration of National and Traditional Holidays.

The second part of the course will be based on historical events of great importance of Soviet era, which include starvation, arrests, exploitation of resources, deportation and returns, and modern Kazakhstan’s strategic efforts in building a new nation.