Study Abroad

The Department of Russian and Slavic Studies gives students the opportunity to study abroad and explore the world through the UA study abroad programs. 

Students from the University of Arizona and from around the USA are invited to apply to the following in-country study abroad programs. We offer several language-intensive programs as well as two new opportunities that focus on cultural immersion. The latter will be held in English (or in Russian with translators), and no previous knowledge of Russian is required. 


Arizona in Uzbekistan

Offered: Summer of 2024, 3-week program (May 20-June 7)

The Department of Russian and Slavic Studies at the University of Arizona, in collaboration with Uzbek State World Languages University (USWLU), invites you to join us for an exciting 3-week study abroad trip to the heart of Central Asia, the City of Tashkent. This program opens a brand-new destination for the University of Arizona Summer School for Russian and Eurasian Studies (SSRES) and offers students an opportunity to explore a fascinating country and culture of Central Asia, and a former Soviet republic and now a culturally diverse independent state.  The program contact is Professor Liudmila Klimanova,

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Arizona in Kazakhstan

Offered: Summer

Arizona in Kazakstan gives Russian language students a unique opportunity to learn language and experience the culture in one of the most vibrant, successful post-Soviet Russian-speaking countries. The key features of this program are intensive Russian or Kazakh language (all levels are welcome!), and culture study in the beautiful and modern capital of Kazakhstan, Astana. During the six-week stay in Kazakhstan, students will have weekly excursions in Astana and around the country, including: a weekend-long trip to Burabay (the Switzerland of Kazakhstan), trips to Almaty, Turkestan, and Shymkent (historical cities in Central Asia with archaeological records dating to the 4th century), a visit to a Gulag camp for the wives of the "enemies of the people," a trip to the Korgalzhyn nature reserve - the most northern habitat of pink flamingos, and other excursions to cultural and historical places of interest. The program offers a non-credited practical Kazakh culture course as a bonus course for University of Arizona students. The program contact is Professor Liudmila Klimanova,

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Arizona in Russia

On Hold

The Arizona in Russia program is one of the longest running study abroad programs to the Former Soviet Union. Founded in 1971 by UA Professor Del Phillips, over 3,500 students from 110 colleges and universities have traveled to Moscow on the Arizona in Russia program. The current study abroad coordinator, Dr. Benjamin Jens*, continues the tradition of bringing students from around the nation to Moscow for intensive language study. 

The language instruction program in Moscow accepts students at all levels of Russian language instruction. Beginning, intermediate, and advanced students have all benefied from the program since they receive 20 hours of instruction per week. First or second year students receive special instruction in the areas of Grammar, Conversation, and Phonetics. Upper division students take courses focused on reading Russian press, literature, composition, and film. All participants receive an additional two tutorial hours on a one-to-one basis with their head instructor. Participants have the opportunity to visit important local sites, to hear world-class concerts, and attend important cultural events. All instruction follows the curriculum established by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. Students who wish to study or work in Russia in the future must pass a proficiency examination on this curricular material at the Certificate I level. The exam (optional) is given free of charge each semester. Students who achieve any proficiency rating receive an official certificate from the Ministry of Education.

Russian Theatre and Performance

On Hold

Study acting and performance at the world-renowned Moscow Art Theatre School (MATS)! No knowledge of Russian is required to participate in this program. Students enrolled in this program will receive a Certificate of Completion from Moscow Art Theatre School. Contact Prof. Colleen Lucey ( for details. 

War & Peace Through Russian Eyes

On Hold

This program is a cultural study abroad program, with all lectures and excursions conducted in English; no knowledge of Russian is necessary. Learn about World War 2 through the eyes of the Soviet Union! This 3-week program will immerse you in Russian culture in the vibrant capital city of Moscow. We will focus on the Russian/Soviet experience of World War 2 and the ways in which the cultural memory of this traumatic experience continues to shape contemporary Russian politics, art, and identity. Contact Dr. Benjamin Jens ( for details.


"In 2012, I studied abroad in Moscow, Russia through the Arizona-Russian Abroad program offered by the University of Arizona. During the short eight months that I spent there, I learned so much more about the culture, history and every day life of Russia; things that one could never learn by reading a textbook. All of this knowledge came from not only visiting the famous museums and watching a ballet or two at the State Kremlin Palace, but also by going on a relaxing walk through Sokol’niki Park (my personal favorite part in Moscow) and having casual conversation with Muscovites. And half way through each semester, just when the students were growing tired from studying, we took a week-long to different cities: the first to Saint Petersburg, the second - Kazan. As a result of experiencing the submersion into such a different country, I have countless memories of my time there, a greater respect for Russia and the people and have become much more fluent in the Russian language (three months into the semester I had passed the state exams and achieved the Level-1 Certificate)." 

-Keith Wright, about study abroad experience