Prof. Suzanne Thompson Eanes recognized with COH Distinguished Advisor/Mentor award

April 22nd, 2015

Undergraduate Advisor in Russian, Prof. Suzanne Thompson Eanes has been named the COH Distinguished Advisor/Mentor for 2015. Students wrote wonderful letters in support of her nominations attesting to every wonderful quality in an advisor/menotr that our students would need and want,
Talents for teaching, advising, and mentoring – all aspects of the education endeavor- mesh beautifully in Suzanne Thompson Eanes.

Here are some of our current students' testimonials to her excellence:

“ … I have been pushed to be the best I can be, have been shown fairness, equality, and most importantly kindness. I am a Russian language major and have found a home and a family in the Russian department because of Mrs. Eanes. … Mrs. Eanes’ door is always open to anyone who needs help with school or just needs someone to listen or talk with them.”

 “She asked me why I wanted to pursue such a degree [Russian] and I explained to her my introduction to the culture by my extensive history with ballet. She immediately lit up and asked me about my former ballerina years and went as far as to put another former ballerina in my contact. … [M]y high school impression of advisors has never put the idea into my head that they would be so ready to be involved in one’s life and learning.”    

 “I have always harbored doubt when considering the humanities for any kind of career … However, Professor Eanes has introduced me to many possibilities throughout the past year in terms of career options … I have experienced a change within myself as my academic focus shifts from hard-science based to a more refined and balanced mixture of the humanities and sciences. …Without her as an advisor, mentor, and role model, I would not be a student in the College of Humanities.”

 “I have attended schools all across the country, and had the opportunity to learn from remarkable professions. … [But] not one of them could hold a candle to Mrs. Eanes. Her teaching style is strong and consistent, while her honest and attentive character shine through in her ability to help and to advise the students in her life.”