UA Students enjoy Russian-style Breakfast with Dr. Anastasiia Gordiienko

April 9th, 2019

On March 27th, students from RSSS 305: Russian and American Foodways had a Russian breakfast at European Deli and Market. The RSSS 305  students, who have been studying the relationship of food to social and individual identity-building processes, food justice, and Russian and American hospitality and etiquette, tasted a few typical Russian cuisine and drinks, such as meat stuffed cabbage rolls (golubtsy), meat and potato dumplings (pel'meni and vareniki), rye bread drink (kvas), Russian crepes (bliny) with different fillings, “Napoleon” cake, and a variety of Russian sweets. The Russian Breakfast was sponsored by a SFI Grant. RSSS 305 Foodways focuses on the cultural similarities and differences between Russian and American foodways and teaches students to appreciate the overall importance of the nations’ eating habits as social and national markers.